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First of all, we are wood lovers!

We Are The Best Engineered Wooden Flooring Company in the World.

We are inspired by this lively material. One of the reasons we love wood so much is our inherent connection to nature. It’s a natural, breathable, and warm material, and we love working with it!

We create modern, high-quality, and durable parquet flooring, and what’s most important for us is the idea that the products we create become beautiful flooring and bring a piece of Mother Nature back into our modern homes.

Our custom-made flooring, made by experienced craftsmen, offers premium quality and trendy shapes and colours. In collaboration with interior designers and architects, we create the flooring, which becomes a unique interior detail.

Come visit our studio in beautiful downtown Vilnius. We cannot wait to meet you!

Parquet Wooden Flooring, Engineered wood

Where all the magic happens!

Today our company is rapidly growing team of specialists who design and sourcing parquet flooring. Our sourcing is equipped with brand new machinery and what’s most important is the knowledge of the people who works in this industry for many years.

We are always open for innovations, new contacts and we are constantly in search for new partners

Custom Size, Shape, Colour? Everything is Possible.

Bring the elegance of custom-crafted parquet into your home. Our craftsmen are ready to produce a unique product designed by you – whether it’s diamond, hexa, triangle or any other shape and size.


Discover our diverse range of premium wooden flooring options, including meticulously crafted Engineered Wood Flooring, sophisticated Chevron Wooden Flooring, timeless Herringbone Wooden Flooring, Wide Plank Wooden Flooring, and exquisite Parquet Wooden Flooring. Elevate your space with the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, tailored to suit your individual style and preferences.

Give your dream home a touch of luxury

Customize flooring as per your taste

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GF Parquet specializes in high end designer Engineered wood flooring

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